Welcome to Perfect Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company Brooklyn

 We provide sewer and pipe cleaning services for Brooklyn, Queens and other NYC boroughs. We have been offering fast, reliable sewer and pipe cleaning services for over 15 years. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial servicing for: main sewers, toilets, yard drains, as well as flooded basements. We use the latest in high-tech equipment from Digital Cameras to inspect any cracking, collapsing or root infiltration of your existing pipes to High Velocity Water Jetting that removes all debris and cleans the entire pipeline.


Sewer & Pipeline

We have been offering fast, reliable sewer & pipe cleaning services.


Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Total Sewer Pipe Cleaning & High Velocity Water Jetting.


Sewer Drain Cleaning

Digital Video Detection System and Pipe Cleaning Maintenance Programs.


Perfect Water Jetting

Water jet cutter is capable of cutting into sewer pipes using a jet of water at high velocity.


Video Detection

We have access to clear digital imagery that allows us to detect any crack, leak or clog.


Perfect RootX™

We use the strongest and safest root removing solution, Rootx™ with a unique foaming action.

Perfect & Reliable Crew

Our friendly, reliable employees & maintenance crew are certified & experienced to perform cleaning & maintenance of all types of pipes & sewer systems.

We own & maintain a fleet of reliable service vehicles & stock many parts & tools to complete all sewer & pipe work that we perform. Our sewer & pipe cleaning service will take care of any situation that your sewer & pipes require. We offer competitive rates & guarantee all of the sewer & pipe cleaning work that we perform.

Our Services Include:

  • Quick Response Sewer, Pipe & Drain Cleaning Service
  • High Velocity Water Jetting Cleaning
  • Reliable & Experienced Servicemen
  • Biologic Drain Cleaners
  • Radio Dispatched Vans
  • 24 Hour Emergency Sewer & Drain Service for Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and other surrounding areas

When you need qualified and dependable sewer and pipe cleaning service, look no further and give Perfect Sewer & Drain Cleaning a call at (718) 241-4200

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