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All homes are subject to clogged drains. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience minor clogs from time to time. Many people will experience serious clogging on occasion due to unresolved minor problems that have gone unresolved over the years. Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Chelsea technicians can troubleshoot and remove all things that lead to chronic clogs.

 What are the reasons for a clog?

 Drains Clogs can be caused by a number of reasons. Homes with older pipes may become damaged over time. Pipes that were constructed with cast iron and clay piping fixtures are more prone to sewer backup problems. Sewer Clogs can develop as trees and roots creep into the lines. Roots cause obstructions in the sewer lines. Skin, dirt, grease and grime congeal and form clogs. The gunk tends to restrict the flow of water through the plumbing. Root Removal Service in Chelsea, water jetting and line replacement may be required to resolve these common plumbing problems.

 What does water jetting accomplish?

 Water Jetting Service in Chelsea is a high pressure method in which water is released through a line. The high pressure pump technologies elevates the pressure levels to a point where debris that has become lodged is broken up, and then removed. The pressurized water is shot into the pipe with a jetting unit powered by an engine. Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service in Chelsea services breaks up grease, roots, scale buildup and sludge trapped in the pipelines. Water pressure used in the process can reach 4,000 PSI. Within minutes, up to 25 gallons can be pushed through the hose. Draining jetting is one of the more efficient ways to clear the sewer lines of obstructions.

 How are clogs prevented?

 Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Chelsea can be prevented by routine cleaning and maintenance. Minor Drains Clogs and Sewer Clogs should be handled immediately by a technician before they cause damage or backups to pipelines. Being careful so as to avoid overusing your garbage disposal or pouring down contents like grease protects your sewer lines. Avoiding allowing hair, garbage, paper and other objects to enter drains will also help you protect your household plumbing.

 Tree roots and buildup will take its toll on your plumbing over time. It’s important to adopt a maintenance schedule that will preserve the household’s plumbing. Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service in Chelsea specializes in removing all blockage from sewer lines. Start your sewer line maintenance plan today.

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