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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in Dumbo, Brooklyn

You may need water jetting service in Dumbo and not even realize it. Water jetting is similar to pressure washing because it uses a powerful force of water to clean sewer lines and remove any debris or objects trapped inside those lines. While you might think that the city or county is responsible for cleaning your sewer lines, homeowners are generally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep on those lines. In addition to water jetting, we offer other services designed for those living in Dumbo and other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service in Dumbo

Sewer pipe cleaning is an important part of owning your own home. If you have even the smallest of sewer clogs, water cannot properly move through those pipes. The sewer system is responsible for transporting water and waste away from your home. When that waste cannot move through the pipes, there is a chance that it might break through the pipe and spill over. Unless you want to see feces, toilet paper and other waste in puddles around your lawn, you should call us at the first sign of a clog.

Root Removal Service in Dumbo

You also need to worry about the trees growing in your lawn and any trees near your lawn, especially during a period of drought. Droughts can occur at any point throughout the year and lead to trees trying to find water in any way possible. The smallest of cracks in your plumbing system is large enough for that root to get through and take hold. That small root can eventually grow to the same length and width as your pipe and keep any water from moving through. Before that happens, you can call us to remove all those roots.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Dumbo

Not all plumbing problems that you encounter will require an expensive or serious repair job. The sooner you call us though, the more you can save. We can take care of smaller issues like drains clogs before your home needs new plumbing pipes and sewer lines. Sewer and drain cleaning in Dumbo is the solution to many of your sewer and plumbing problems. Our methods break up all debris that caused a clog and ensure that all clogs are gone before we leave your home. Call NY Perfect Sewer & Drain Cleaning to find out everything that your plumbing system and drains need today.

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