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You need a rapid solution. It can be a need for proper sewer and drain cleaning. Simple build up is your worst enemy, and the cause of your backup. It occurs from mineral deposits, debris, dirt and grime. If you own a restaurant or similar facility, where food is processed, you have a higher likelihood of clogged systems. And that’s never good. You need to drain clogs to avoid these type of sewer clogs. This is the most of sewer pipe service in Gowanus.  Our solutions clean out pipes when they’re backed up. There are a number of steps to take, but it all depends on the nature of your backup. Some solutions include water jetting, root removal and sewer pipe services to boot. With our fifteen years of experience, you can expect a quick response time also.

Water Jetting Service in Gowanus

Water jetting is a process of removing grit and grime with highly pressurized water. The water pressure breaks up most blockages and clears away the build up. The jet stream is so powerful that non degradable matter and even tree roots are removed without much fuss. How about that? Additional functions include penetrating and dissolving grease; breaking hardened scale, flushing pipe systems and removing sludge or debris. The process is great for the environment and is also cost effective. Since simple water is used, the management of costs remain controlled though the results are highly effective.

Root Removal Service in Gowanus

In some cases, the roots of a tree grow into piping systems. This causes clogs and disrupts the pipe from draining it contents. By finding a crack in a pipe, roots take advantage of an ongoing water source and begin to spread. These root systems can grow the entire length of a pipe if left untamed. There is only one solution for this in most cases. Though an entire pipe can be replaced, manual and chemical solutions exist to remove roots. Special bladed devices are used to break up roots or bore enough room for draining to occur in pipes. These roots can also be removed with chemical agents that dissolve root construction and at times kill whole trees.

24-hour emergency services

Biologic drain cleaners, 24-hour emergency services, radio dispatched vans, professional servicemen and women are all ready to meet your expectations. We’re available at any time. Our certified crew meets regulatory requirements with training certifications. We operate as a fleet and use reliable parts, accurate tools and the necessary vehicles. These cover all of your sewer and drain cleaning needs in Gowanus.

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