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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in Midtown, Manhattan

Whether you are looking for an emergency plumber to take care of a pipe leak in the middle of the night or a professional technician for an industrial plumbing project, you can rely on us to do the job right. With decades of experience serving local clients we always enjoy the opportunity to work with new customers in our service area. If you need help with sewer and drain cleaning in Midtown, just give us a call and we’ll dispatch a plumber as soon as possible.

Perfect Solutions for Your Plumbing Issues

We use many innovative strategies and tools to perform advanced sewer pipe cleaning service in Midtown. Our root-killing chemical RootX is a proven solution to intruding growth that is causing sewer clogs. The multi-step application not only helps remove roots in the line, but also hinders their potential for regrowth. As a leading root removal service in Midtown, we have the experience and equipment needed to deliver reliable results.

Clog Detection & Drain Cleaning

 Clients can take advantage of our high pressure water jetting service in Midtown. Propelled at a high velocity, the jet makes short work of blockages in drains or clogs in the sewer lines. While the technique is hard on the dirt and grime, it does not damage your plumbing system. We also use a biological agent to attack the blockage and destroy it on a microscopic level. Our digital camera inspections will locate the source of your current issue in no time, so we can start working on a solution as quickly as possible.

Reliable & Professional Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Midtown

 When it comes to your plumbing system at home or at work, you should find a certified technician to do the job properly. As a licensed company with a team of seasoned plumbers, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome issues as they arise. We have worked with thousands of clients in the region on small domestic issues as well as larger commercial or industrial projects.

 We are confident in the skill of our technicians, which is why we guarantee all the work that we do for you. Our plumbers will do their best to give you the best customer experience that they can as well as affordable, effective options to address your needs.

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