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A blocked sewer system can cause a lot of issues from slow flowing drains to costly property damage when the waste flows back into the building. Thankfully, an expert in Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Upper East Side can help by removing the blockages and eliminating the things that cause a clog to occur.

Causes of Clogged Drains

 There are several reasons for slow drains or Drains Clogs. The first is a blocked p-trap or pipe trap. Pipe traps are used to prevent the return of sewer gases, which is done by holding a bit of water in the crook of a pipe. P-traps can also allow the accumulation of hair, food or other debris.

The more problematic causes of poor drain flow are blockages in the main sewer line such as waste clumps, debris and roots. Typical sewage systems use large pipes that carry all the waste from the building. However, drainage systems are primarily gravity fed, low flow environments. This means that the sludge from sewage can build up when the waste isn’t moving.


Eliminating Sewer Clogs may require multiple steps. The first thing the contractor will need to do is get the waste moving again. This is done through quality Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Upper East Side and the aid of a rooter or pipe snake. The reason this tool is so effective is that it uses a long, flexible cable to push an auger through the sewer pipes.

A clog in the sewer may also be due to plant roots. Plants continually search for nutrients and they can easily find them when a pipe is damaged or has a fitting that is loose. A Root Removal Service in Upper East Side can eliminate root blockages and get the waste flowing again.

 Long Term Solutions

Once the sewage is flowing again, it is time to think about preventing clogs. The best way to handle this problem is with a Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service in Upper East Side. An experienced contractor such as NY Perfect Sewer can remove years of sewage accumulation, which allows the waste to flow freely.

Drains Clogs

 Much like general sewer clogs, a clogged drain usually results from the same issues, but the weather also becomes a factor. Rain storms and a windy day holds the ability to carry debris into a drain, ultimately causing it to clog. Our company handles all of these issues, and we do so proudly as well as professionally.

 To finalize, most issues pertaining to plumbing are avoidable with routine maintenance and a quality company, while other issues give way to the weather and nature itself. Regardless of your plumbing issues or concerns, NY Perfect Sewer is eager to help. We pride ourselves in serving the public with our sewer and drain cleaning in Union Square, and we will continue to do so each day. Contact us at NY Perfect Sewer today!

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