High Velocity Water Jetting System NYC

Our high velocity water jet cutter is capable of cutting into sewer pipes using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. This modern device will thoroughly clean and unclog the insides of all sewer pipes while not causing damage to the system. The high velocity water jet is portable and capable of penetrating the smallest of pipes. We have special attachments and settings that accommodate today’s standard piping and that are safe on older pipes as well.

Our Certified & Experienced Crew

Our courteous, reliable employees and maintenance crew are certified and experienced to perform cleaning and maintenance of all types of sewer and drainage systems. We own and maintain our own fleet of reliable service vehicles and stock many parts and tools to complete all sewer and pipe work that we perform. Our sewer and drain cleaning service will take care of every situation your pipes and drains require. We offer very competitive rates and guarantee all of the sewer cleaning and repair work that we perform.

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